Today we begin featuring a link roundup from Mike Glyer’s fanzine – File 770.  Mike has been rounding up news of fannish interest for decades and has won numerous awards for his fanzine – File 770, taking home the Hugo for Best Fanzine six times so far (and uncounted nominations!).

We’re also doing the same for with a roundup of the latest additions to that website’s collection of newly pubbed zines.

You may notice a concentration of fan-related news going on here.  Move along.

PRESS RELEASES & NEWSLETTERS (See Below for full text)


Only A Day Left To Buy Ellison Cheap!

Buffalo Niagra Film Festival Now Open For Submissions


A Tribute to Black Men Killed By Police

Big Industry May Be Buying Cell Phone Trackers

Interview with Dr. Temple Grandin


Summer Films Didn’t Bank

New Dr. Who Clips



Shorts Subject
A new commercial links moonwalker Buzz Aldrin with Jockey brand underwear – in humorous action sequences that are more reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear.
Today’s Birthday Girl 8/30
Born 1797: Mary Shelley What would horror fans have done without Frankenstein to scare the bejabers out of them? Shelley’s book began on a stormy night in June 1816 on the shores of Lake Geneva as her entry in a … Continue reading ?
Joe Bethancourt III (1947-2014)
W.J. (Joe) Bethancourt, a professional bluegrass singer with roots in filk and the SCA, died August 29 after a long illness. Bethancourt joined the Society of Creative Anachronism, probably at the 1969 Westercon — the only date that fits with … Continue reading ?
Doc Is Up From Coast To Coast
“What’s Up, Doc? The Animation of Chuck Jones,” an exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens (NY) running til January 19, 2015 is reviewed in today’s New York Times – ambivalently approved by the critic in terms …Continue reading ?
Get Those Old People Off My (Artificial) Grass
The Daily Dot thought all the geezers were a drag on Loncon 3. “Worldcon is like a family reunion,” said longtime convention-goer and fanzine writer Curt Phillips, at a panel about the history of Worldcon. After a few days, I …Continue reading ?
On Which The Movie Was Based
Is it the perfect literary gift — or the gift for a perfect illiterate? The amount of wordage devoted in this eBay advert for an autographed paperback of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings to its being the basis for Peter Jackson’s trilogy …Continue reading ?
Bradbury in Bio and Bronze
Bradbury biographer Jonathan Eller told Biographile about his Surprising Research Into Ray Bradbury’s Life: Many critics and scholars had identified the great change in his writing after World War II, when he matured from a skilled imitator of the themes … Continue reading ?
Andromeda Strain at Clarke Center 9/25
The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination will screen The Andromeda Strain (1971) on September 25. There will be a discussion beforehand with guest speakers Ethan Bier (UC San Diego, Biology), Kit Pogliano (UC San Diego, Biology), and Victor Nizet … Continue reading ?
Saving Stage 28
The walls of Stage 28 at Universal Studios, constructed in 1924 for Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney Sr., are still paneled with the recreation of the Paris Opera House auditorium made for that famous silent movie. But how … Continue reading ?
Hard Science Fanac
Laura Bradley’s “Cosmic Question: What Color Is Marty McFly’s Vest” for NPR violates every tenet of modern blogging – she seeks objective evidence and when she finds that it trumps her opinion, publicly changes her mind! This has never happened … Continue reading ?
Inaugural Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Winner
The winner of the first Baen Fantasy Adventure Award was announced at GenCon. Grand Prize “The Golden Knight” by K. D. Julicher First Runnerup “Phoenix for the Amateur Chef” by Scott Huggins Second Runnerup “The Girl with No Name” by … Continue reading ?
GalaxyCon, Toner 2 Cancelled
Here’s proof that you have to read fanzines if you want all the news. I learned from Arnie Katz’ latest issue of Claptrap that GalaxyCon, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas this November, has been cancelled — and taken Toner …Continue reading ?
Snapshots 141 USS Alchemy
Here are 16 developments of interest to fans. (1) Maybe the thing to follow steampunk will be phonepunk. People seem to get a kick out of their ancestors’ enthusiasm for ridiculously primitive versions of today’s technology. Consider this NPR article … Continue reading ?

efanzines header

The Drink Tank #382 and Claims Department #17

Head! #12

Arnie Katz’s Claptrap #5

Jim Mowatt’s TAFFWorld #1 – current TAFF news

Added archive issues #256, 258, 260, 269 of Opuntia, edited by Dale Speirs

Wow!  You could almost make a career out of reading fanzines!  (New adds almost every day – plus updating of archives and the occasional add of historically impotent zines!)

Axanar Blows Away Kickstarter Goal Like Garth of Izar Blowing Away Klingon D7s (or some other example that combines Star Trek imagery with goal achievement…maybe Axanar Meets KIckstarter Goal Like Kirk Beat the Kobayashi Maru Scenario:  Brilliantly!)

The Takei Touch:  Sulu Brings Home Da Bacon for Axanar

Steampunk 182014 (conventions & events)


ESFS Awards 2014

futurezFuturedaze 2: Reprise: An Anthology of Young Adult Science Fiction Now on sale

Designers Wanted For Sci FI Museum Contest

Action Comics #1 Sells for 3.2 Mil

Dark Horse Reprinting Star Wars Comics


Universe Just A Hologram (We’re all just some weird fantasy Philip Dick thought up while he was falling asleep)

OOOO  See Through Solar Panels

Solar Nutrinos Detected For First Time

Hypersonic Weapon Launch Fail

Try The Spacesuit Experience


Contest Seven:
“Monsters and Marvels”

Now includes Artwork category with $500 prize

Opens: September 15 — Deadline: October 1, 2014

For the first time, we’re adding an Artwork category to our contest! Your participation and feedback will help us decide whether to make this a permanent part of our contests. See the contest listing for full artwork guidelines and details.

Featured Artwork

This interpretation of our theme was provided by artist Tyler Lamph. Find more of his work at!


Like darkness and light, Yin and Yangmonsters and marvels are two sides of the same coin. Each entry should include both a monster and a marvel—though “monster” and “marvel” may refer to same element of your entry. For an example, see the excellent short by Peter Medeiros, Silence Like a Falling Chandelier.

The theme for this contest invites open interpretation: are monsters physical manifestations of evil, or the internal demons that plague us all? Marvels: fantastic bestiary creatures, or symbols of the human spirit’s resilience?

Artwork Judges

Up to twenty artwork finalists will be posted October 15 on, and the winner will be selected by popular vote.

Artwork Awards

  • US$500
  • Publication as the cover art of Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VIII
  • One-year print & digital subscription to Spark: A Creative Anthology

For details and contest entry instructions, see the full contest listing.

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Harlan 101: Encountering EllisonOur discount in honor of Harlan Ellison’s appearance at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas earlier this month is almost at an end. Only four more days to go.Enter this discount code: TQU5PLDW at checkout to receive 10% off all extant titles (and $10 off each: NONE OF THE ABOVE &ROUGH BEASTS).The same code: TQU5PLDW will also give you 50% off HARLAN 101: ENCOUNTERING ELLISON (that’s $20 off the $39.99 price of our introduction to Ellison).

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Brain Movies 5
HW at a Penny a Word
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Per you review.
The Buffalo Niagara Film festival is now open to submissions. 

If you haven’t seen what’s been happening in Buffalo, you may be surprised.

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