Game of Thrones – Back to the Start

Watching Game Of Thrones over again – this time with friends who have never seen the Red Wedding.

Jon,_Bran_and_RobbI moved house recently and with that came new house mates. Probably the best thing about this is that they haven’t seen Game of Thrones before and want to watch it. Last night we started watching it from the beginning with the first two episodes. Having seen all four seasons and in the middle of reading the books, I am noticing that there are many little nuggets that are filmed just for the fans who already know the books inside out. An example is in the first episode where Jamie Lannister’s hand is shown up close several times and in the second episode he says he would hate to be alive as a cripple and would rather be dead (do I need to say why these two points are significant?).

What I’m really looking forward to is watching the Red Wedding episode again. Not because I want to relive the trauma, but because I can’t wait to be that person that captures their friends in that shock moment when their lives crash before them on the TV.

I have wanted to revisit the show again from the start for some time, but couldn’t bring myself to sit there, on my own, and relive the blood, pain and loss of my favourite characters alone.

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