Flags On The Moon: Apollo 15 (Moon Landing Hoax?)

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  1. Breta – while I can understand you might have been persuaded by the Moon Landing conspiracy theory folks, their claims are simply not true – and they are an insult to the 400,000 men and women, including me, who worked to put Americans on the moon. I was there. I worked in Houston and supported NASA and the Apollo astronauts, I helped train them, and I knew them personally. I worked with many other technical professionals around the country who were supporting these missions. I was in the Mission Control Center supporting the Apollo 11 Moon Landing flight and the Apollo 13 explosion and rescue. I can assure you the landings were not faked, and there is a lot of independent evidence (e.g. from data and sources outside NASA and the government) to prove that. Just because someone who wasn’t there analyzes film, works up scientific-sounding rationale, and unswervingly broadcasts their opinion doesn’t make them correct. Steve is right, every one of those claims has been discredited by scientists and engineers, but the true believers are not dissuaded.

  2. There so many facts that shows that Moon Landing was a hoax. Recently I have watched this video:

    Breta – I removed the link to the video because the whole video shows up in our sidebar as a result of the link. If folks want to watch it youtube.com/watch?v=AM_XwzFG8Jw

    1. Breta, not to put too fine a point on it, but if you had done a little research beyond the conspiracy-nut level, you’d have discovered that all of the claims in that video have been thoroughly discredited. DIScredited, as in, they are BS. I’m willing to entertain speculation and even tremendously outrageous ideas here on Amazing Stories, but when we are dealing with factual information that has been tested and re-tested numerous times – I can’t let this kind of conspiracy claim go unanswered. If you want to believe in conspiracies without any basis in fact, that is your privilege, but I can not allow its perpetuation here on these pages.

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