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Take a trip down cold war nuclear armageddon paranoia lane with a visit to the Atomic Annihilation website.

Jello-Kitty-826008c63e_o-[r]ATOMIC ANNIHILATION!

That’s what we thought was gonna happen, from the end of World War II until the dismantling of the Berlin Wall (and then again from the dismantling of the Soviet Union until right now), most of us thought there was a good possibility that our world would end in the mutually assured destruction of the world.

If you are a Baby-Boomer, you grew up with the Cold War; you learned to duck and cover, you learned to (ignore) the wailing alarm sirens, you learned exactly how many feet of newspaper could supposedly insulate you from the deadly fallout and, if you were a science fiction author, chances are very good that Cold War concerns, the threat of nuclear annihilation and possible futures after the apocalypse permeated your works.

Welcome to Atomic Annihilation, the website that bills itself as the internet’s most complete guide to the end of the world.

SACs little secret (launch codes all set to 00000000) has brought back a lot of the memories of living in a cold war world.  And now you can experience just a little bit of what it was like to ponder mushroom clouds on the horizon and whether or not your bunker was secure enough.

If you are as fascinated and horrified by nuclear annihilation as I was (am), this is a site for you.

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