The Heinlein Society

Today, in recognition of Missouri’s (almost) selection of Robert A. Heinlein becoming the subject of a bust that would be displayed at the state Capitol among notable Missourans – The Heinlein Society.

(I’ll also take this moment to mention that the second volume of Bill Patterson’s comprehensive biography of RAH is in the final production stages prior to release;  part 1 was “way cool!” and I’m expecting nothing less from part 2.)

The Heinlein Society presides over the preservation of RAH, his legacy, his works and helps to coordinate a lot of Heinlein-related activity.  In particular, the Society houses a comprehensive Concordance, operates Pay It Forward (blood drive) and is currently running Heinlein For Heroes, a program to place RAH books into the hands of active duty military.

If you’ve read everything Heinlein (or at least think you have) and just plain need MORE – this is the place to go.



Heinlein For Heroes

Pay It Forward

You can also order the Virginia Editions of RAH works.

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