The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman Christian Bale
Christian Bale ponders putting the suit on again

The Batman casting rumours are going crazy this week. The usual names are being thrown into the mix, Ryan Gosling (apparently The Sun reader’s favourite), Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bradley Cooper, even Gerard Butler. There has also been Josh Brolin and Jeffery Dean Morgan – both of which I think could be pretty good, Richard Armitage, Matthew Goode, Max Martini and Joe Manganiello – I love Joe, but clearly he is too big of a beast for Bruce Wayne?! British actor Scott Adkins also tweeted that he had been asked to audition, but the tweet was swiftly removed.

The most random of all is Orlando Bloom, really? One he is too handsome – Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy, he might be a ladies man, but doesn’t really have the looks of Clooney (except Clooney’s BAD Batman). I have always found the film Batman actors have been subtly handsome, and then when they put on the mask, with their black eye make up and only their mouth and jaw on display, with a husky voice, suddenly they become rather handsome. Two, he is too small, not in height, but I can’t really see him bulking up or being able to carry the suit.

The best rumour of all, and the one that I hope happens, is that Christian Bale has been offered £40 million to reprise his Dark Knight for the Batman Superman film.

I’d love to have him back, although a new Batman could mean a whole new load of films, while Bale’s character has possibly kind of reached the end of his journey.

Who would you like to see don the mask?


Image source: Deccan Chronicle

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  1. Casting is important, and Bale is fine, but we need a reboot, a different look. Someone once posted (somewhere) that they were tired of “beginnings” with both Batman and Superman (and now Spiderman, of course). I loved Bale and the first Batman movie, but the rest sucked badly, despite the Joker and Heath Ledger’s performance (it was a needlessly violent, ugly movie). The last is beyond the pale. These are just my opinions. We’re all fanboys and we all have differing opinions. But I’m seeing many movies these days because they’re larded with CGI and bad writing (including the same old plotlines, like the last Iron Man or the Man of Steel which was a re-write of Superman II). Any one of us–you, me–could write a story for these characters better than the people doing it right now. Just tell a simple story! Forget origins. Just start!

    1. Since the Green Lantern movie, I’ve felt a lot of apology movies from that group. Not the Marvel people… They seem in love with their characters, so they celebrate them in their movies. Probably why I have such fun watching them! ^,^

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