News That Can’t Wait For Sunday: the (Free) SBC Geek Festival


The Brazilian Cultural Programming Department has scheduled a Geek Festival for this coming weekend, August 25th.  The event will feature Anime, Cosplay and author talks.

Additional information is available here (in Portuguese)

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    1. John,

      if you haven’t noticed, we’re publishing posts (and news) from many different countries around the world; english language wise we’ve got Canada, US, Australia & UK; spanish wise – Cuba, Venezuela, Peru (via Finland); Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Mexico; french – France and the Quebecois and we recently ran a profile on Italian publishing; we’ve run some Portuguese press release too. We’ve got authors who live in Japan; we’ve got members from India, Thailand and other non-english speaking countries. the differing viewpoints and glimpses into different cultures make my day!

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