Pacific Rim – A Winning Combination of Robot versus Monster

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It’s safe to say that I saw Pacific Rim with a degree of trepidation. I may be a SF lover, but Transformers really isn’t my thing. Nor is Godzilla. So, when you throw these two together I was expecting to be either horrified or bored. I’m glad to say that I was far from falling asleep and was, in fact, on the edge of my seat.

I’d not given a huge amount of attention to the Pacific Rim trailers. Of course, I’d seen Idris Elba saying ‘Today we are cancelling the apocalypse‘ so many times that the supposed inspirational line had already suffered marketing overkill. Other than that, I didn’t know much, and I suppose that’s why I really enjoyed what came next. SO many times, movies have been over-hyped to an extent they’re nothing but a let down when seen in their entirety.

With fresh eyes, I became completely engrossed in Pacific Rim. I liked that it took two operators to run the machines; it seemed more like militaristic SF than silly talking robots that came from Cybertron. Godzilla walking out the sea was also, in my eyes, rather stupid. But here, giant monsters appeared from a portal below the Pacific, causing destruction and devastation wherever they want. AND, something I really liked, was that there was a sense of passing time. The invasion didn’t happen overnight, but occurred over decades. There was more to the story than first thought, too, and it was pretty cool when a bit of interspecies mind-melding occurred.

Whilst the scripting wasn’t anything to write home about, I wasn’t too worried; after all, this is a monster/robot/invasion movie all rolled into one. Is there really much to talk about? Surely, it’s all about ‘the fight’. Charlie Hunnam (Raleigh Becket) has come along way from his days in ‘Queer as Folk‘, and I was really glad to see a decent female sidekick (Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori) for once. The producers had a field day killing people off too. And, if you’re a True Blood fan, then you’ll be glad to see a certain Warlow making an important appearance.

Overall, and despite my initial hesitance, I really enjoyed Pacific Rim. It’s worth catching in theatres simply for the huge screen and WOW factor, and it’s certainly a film I’ll be adding to my SF monster movie collection.

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