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Hallo again!  I know I just posted yesterday, but there’s a comic I feel is far too appropriate for Valentine’s Day which I feel driven to showcase.

property of Marvel Comics

Last year, I was discussing my love for the Kirby/Lee character Black Bolt of the Marvel Universe with a close friend.  He’s a beautifully unique super-powered individual who exemplifies (possibly epitomizes) the “power is a blessing and a curse” trend seen in many stories with characters exhibiting abilities.  A little background: he’s the leader of a once-human race known as The Inhumans who live in an isolated society.  At puberty, all children of their city Attilan walk into the Terrigen Mist, a mutagenic forest that results in every citizen having a roll-of-the-dice mutation that often results in powers.  Black Bolt’s powers all center around his ability to harness free floating electrons which result in super strength, flight, but most importantly a sonic scream of horrifying destructive force.  In essence, any word that passes his lips will cause devastation like none other.  His power is truly awe-inspiring and often makes him neigh unbeatable in his many iterations. Also, thanks to training and constant meditation, he can cope with balance on the razor’s edge of his existence.  However, he can never communicate vocally.

He’s married to a capable, beautiful, and powerful Queen: Medusa, aptly named for her ability to control her hair.  In the day to day affairs of his rule, she conducts all vocal orders, decrees and determinations brought to the throne.  She is his only conduit to his subjects, friends, allies, and enemies.  She understands him like none other can and therefor can relate his wishes.

“Communication has never been a problem…”, property of Marvel Comics

So, that’s cool.  But what does this have to do with Valentine’s Day?

Well, as my aforementioned friend informed me: back in 2006, Marvel published a series of one-shots under the I ♥ Marvel title.  One of them is Marvel Ai which had three stories, all illustrated by different Japanese comic artists.  The second one, called Silence of the Heart by C.B. Cebulski & Kei Kobayashi is 7 pages of the most beautiful love tale I’ve ever read.  Seriously, go find a copy somewhere.  You’ll most likely have to find this in less than reputable areas of the internet, but I’m sure if you ask around, a copy is waiting to be read by you somewhere.

“To hear him laugh.”, property of Marvel Comics

Thank you to my friend Juliet (who you may be seeing posting on Amazing Stories in the foreseeable future) for showing me this story of beauty and love.


Until next week, stay enamored with what’s around you and never forget the pitter-patter of emotion bouncing around in your heartguts.

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  1. First of all…Medusa's hair is INCREDIBLE.

    Also, I now really, really want to read this a lot. I'm SO into the idea of love stories that center on married couples. And I love mute characters. And…guh, the art.

    Another appropriate Valentine's comic, by the way: Harlequin Valentine, by Neil Gaiman. Perhaps a little obvious, though. =P

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