All I Want For X-Mass/Hanukah is –

Two front teeth?  What strange, horrible and twisted things happened to that kid that all she wanted was body parts?

Me?  All I wanted was every darned space, army and  action toy they could cram into the Sears Christmas Catalog.

Sad to say, while I was the recipient of a fair number of space and army toys back in the early 60s, I never did get all I wanted (lest you think my parents were pikers, I did get much of what I wanted).  This has led to a fair amount of quirky adult behavior, not the least of which is my insistence on visiting the toy aisle of WalMart at least once every trip.

What I wanted most of all was everything.  But then, what kid doesn’t?  Now I lament ever having played with some of these, wishing I’d had the forethought (at age 5) to ask for two of everything so I could pack them away against my retirement.  (Some of those toys are now commanding pretty decent auction prices – on the order of 1,000 times their original value.)

Time to get nostalgic.  Following are a series of images from toy catalogs displaying many of the toys I did (and did not) receive.  Maybe you’ll find an old fave in there as well!

There are a lot more:  I fondly remember a “Little Giant Toy Company of Hong Kong” playset that came with a spaceship (that I can’t seem to find images of anywhere) and a set of space marines and aliens –

 giant toy

…and I never did get any of those Major Matt Mason toys….

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  1. I had a Robot Commando that was pretty cool. It shot a rubber tipped missle out of an opening brain case and walked around while rolling its eyes like a crazy person.

    I also ordered a lot of space-themed stuff from the Johnson Smith catalog, including one kit entitled "Build Your Own Ram-Jet." This consisted of an empty CO2 cartridge with a metal nozzle attached to it and a little pan suspended under the cartridge with wires. You were supposed to fill both the cartridge and the little pan with gasoline, light the nozzle with a match and then light the gasoline in the little pan (!). The flame in the pan was supposed to heat up the gasoline in the cartridge, causing it to expell from the nozzle, thereby providing propulsion. I suppose it's a good thing I could never get that toy to work, especially since I had every intention of following the suggestion in the advertisement to "strap it to a toy car and watch it go!!"

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