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What’s wrong with Doctor Strange

After the first half hour, Doctor Strange somehow turned into a spectacular but oddly empty experience.

San Diego Comic Con and the Ungrateful Fanboys

We live in a golden age of science fiction and fantasy as highlighted by San Diego Comic Convention, but all some fanboys know how to do is whine about it.


Back from the holidays, Steve tackles three (!) B-movies at once. Why B-movies particularly? Like Everest, they're there... and they significantly outnumber the really good ones! See what YOU think!

REVIEW—CONSTANTINE: A surprisingly good movie!

This week Steve drops back ten years to review an underapreciated movie, "Constantine," with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, telling us why he thinks the movie deserves another look.

TRILOGY OF TERR..ible: Awful Movies “Snowpiercer – Left Behind – Last...

Steve stomps on several sucky SF/F movies. All had good actors; should have been better.

TWO REVIEWS: A Good Book, and a Good Movie!

Steve reviews a book and a movie that he enjoyed.

Snowpiercer: Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp...

Snowpiercer’s failing is that it’s simultaneously overwritten and underwritten. It’s a blatant political allegory whose obvious points are muddled and vague. If you can imagine such a thing.

Taking A Train To the End Of the World

A French graphic novel is coming to a theater near you....maybe.