Thomas Pynchon

Review – The Fictional Man by Al Ewing

Niles Golan is an ex-pat Brit in Hollywood. Never grown-up, he narrates his life with an internal monologue transforming his everyday inadequacies into triumphs. Niles is his own fictional creation: to himself, a genius novelist akin to the young Thomas Pynchon; to everyone else, the hack who writes the popular Kurt Power adventures novels. His […]

Great Science Fiction Artists – John Schoenherr

When I was young I purchased most books and magazines in the science fiction field based on their covers. Nowadays that still applies, though much less so since I now know what to look for in a book or in an author–regardless of cover. In fact, there are times when covers don’t matter and I’ll […]

Book Review: The Teleportation Accident by Ned Beauman

The Teleportation Accident – Ned Beauman Bloomsbury USA 2013 ISBN-13: 978-1620400227 (Hardcover) I buy books, especially novels, based on whether or not the story might interest me. This includes anthologies or collections of short stories by authors whom I respect or who I think will provide a fun reading experience. But mostly I buy books […]