Weeaboos of the Renaissance

Weeaboos? Weeaboos? If you don’t know what a weeaboo is, you probably aren’t one. If you’d rather be quite sure, visit this link and play weeaboo bingo with yourself! The checklist to the right is courtesy of We’re back in cultural appropriation territory here: as it relates to Japan, cultural appropriation is what happens […]

How We Will Tell Stories in the Future

In the early 1400s, when Lady Vivianne, the Baroness Von Grunwald (hero of my latest book, The Last Summoner) lived, one of the largest libraries in Europe was at the University of Cambridge; it held an impressive list of 122 books (that library currently houses over 7 million books). Books were a work of art […]

Moonlight and Manners: A Review of Goblin Moon by Teresa Edgerton

There was already awareness that a new strain of fantasy had developed when Donald G. Keller first labeled it “fantasy of manners” in his article “The Manner of Fantasy,” published in the April 1991 issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction.  This subgenre–sometimes called “mannerpunk”–is noticeably less influenced by Big Name Fantasists like […]