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Review: Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny

Roger Zelazny earned and won many awards as a writer over the years, but Damnation Alley was not one of his most popular stories. But it’s just as hard to condemn a piece of work that inspired such a cult classic film.

Science on Stage vs. Science Fiction Theatre

It’s no secret that popular science has exploded when we see the amount of paperbacks, TV series and documentaries on the subject, and theatre is no exception. Copenhagen is by far the most notable example, having found success in the Tony Awards for winning Best Play in 2000. Before and after then, Science plays have […]

Is This the Future of Web Comments?

Why did Popular Science shut down reader comments? Reader interaction through comments is vital to the longevity of internet blogging. Yet, there is a growing concern over the impact these comments might have on the legitimacy of the articles being posted.