ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S JUVENILES: Are they still good? (Part One)

I seem to be unable to do single columns about stuff I’m passionate about. Heinlein is no exception. Robert A. Heinlein, who was characterized as the “Dean of Science Fiction,” though he was not necessarily the oldest or the best writer of SF during his lifetime, began his writing career before he went back into […]

Living With the Nazis

With its haunting portrayal of the unthinkable, Fatherland sired (ha ha…) the alternate history sub-genre one might call: “What if … the Nazis won?”

Zombies, Nazis, and the Spear of Destiny

The Spear of Destiny Jason E. Thummel paperback $12.95 ebook $2.99 Kindle Nook Smashwords Jason E. Thummel is the author of a number of well received heroic fantasy short stories (many collected in the book In Savage Lands). I’d read several of them, so when the opportunity to review his first novel came along, I […]