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Book Review: MJ-12: Shadows by Michael J. Martinez

MJ-12: Shadows, the sequel to Michael J. Martinez' MJ-12: Inception, tells an entertaining story about an alternate world where people with superpowers help both sides fight the Cold War.

Top post de Septiembre

A review of some of the articles that appeared in Amazing Stories that appeared in September that may be of interest to Spanish speaking readers.

Book Review: MJ-12: Inception by Michael J. Martinez

Can Michael J. Martinez' MJ-12: Inception live up to the quality of his previous book, The Daedalus Crisis?

Scide Splitters: Unidentified Funny Objects 4 edited by Alex Shvartsman

Unidentified Funny Objects returns with its fourth annual anthology, this time engaging a theme of dark humor and including stories from the likes of George R. R. Martin, Mike Resnick, Eric Kaplan, Tim Pratt, Piers Anthony, Jody Lynn Nye, Gini Koch, Esther Friesner and more.

Book Review: The Venusian Gambit by Michael J. Martinez

Napoleon's zombie army crosses the channel

Book Review: The Enceladus Crisis by Michael J. Martinez

A review of the second book in the Daedalus series - The Enceladus Crisis.

Book Review: The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez

Review of Michael J. Martinez's debut novel, The Daedalus Incident, and the alternate history plot line.