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Anime roundup 8/23/2018: Kino Vs. Kino

In this week's viewing: Your correspondent has been travelling and unable to keep up with simulcasts, so let's look at two series about a traveller.

Anime roundup 12/28/2017: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In this week's viewing: Only three finales, because someone's going into overtime!

Anime roundup 12/21/2017: Who Let the Dogs Out?

In this week's viewing: Magical Circle Guru-Guru has its final go-round, Hozuki's Coolheadedness is now explaining other shows, and more!

Anime roundup 11/30/2017: Hero Complex

In this week's viewing: Inuyashiki and Kino's Journey get bored and decide to let smoeone else be the hero, and more!

Anime roundup 11/23/2017: Time Out Of Mind

In this week's viewing: Hozuki's Coolheadedness and Kino's Journey make with the flashbacks, Guru-Guru gets stuck, and more!

Anime roundup 11/9/2017: Sea Change

In this week's viewing: Kino's Journey shows some range, Hozuki's Coolheadedness fractures another fairy tale, and more!

Anime roundup 10/19/2017: Keeping the Wheels Turning

In this week's viewing: A few more premieres, and then trying to set the viewing lineup for the rest of the season.

Anime roundup 10/12/2017: Kicking the Tires

In this week's viewing: Fall premieres go all out with myth, magic, aliens, and a surprising number of motorcycles.

Fall 2017 SF Anime Preview

The leaves will soon be falling, and so will a new batch of shows!

Summer 2017 SF Anime Preview

Summer is here and so is the next gargantuan shipment of shows from Japan. Take a look at what's showing up a few days from now.

Top 5 Dieselpunk Films

We don't think this is what Diesel had in mind...

Audiobook Review: Murder on the Orient Elite by Larry Correia

Reading with your ears instead of your eyes....

3 Real Vehicles to Use in Your Next Dieselpunk Story

Mechanical Horses? Steam-Powered Tanks? Flying Diesel cars? You don't have to make this stuff up!