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Poetry Review: SETI Hits Paydirt, D. Kopaska-Merkel

Poems about stealthy alien invasion, alien colonization, trans-dimensional relationships, Amazons, gods, hillbillies and hicks, horticulture, uplifted animals, and bugs - lots of bugs.

Genre Poetry Round Up March 2015 – Haiku!

We know Leonard NImoy wrote poetry, but did he haiku?

Speculative Poetry Round Up December 2014

John Reinhart - and spec-fic poetry - seem to be everywhere these days

Poetry Review: Luminous Worlds, by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

A review of Luminous Worlds, including mythology, zombies and Lovecraftian horror

Magazine Review – Mythic Delirium – A Transition

A review of the entire 30th issue of Mythic Delirium magazine.

Speculative Poetry Round-up January 2014

Diane goes walkabout on the web and discovers a surprisingly large amount of speculative fiction poetry, just waiting for you all to drop by.

Awards! Awards! Science Fiction Poetry Awards!

After an extended summer break I've returned with lots of exciting news and a whole bunch of wonderful books, which I'll be reviewing for...

Reviews: Inhuman / Edible Zoo

Inhuman: Haiku from the Zombie Apocalypse by Joshua Gage (Published by The Poet's Haven - No. 18 in the Poet's Haven Author Series). OK, imagine...

Review: Cthulhu Haiku and Other Mythos Madness

I mentioned Cthulhu Haiku and Other Mythos Madness, edited by Lester Smith (popcorn press) in a previous post, promising to review in full here...