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Anime Roundup 3/12/2015: No More Mr. Nice Guy

In this week's viewing: Yona takes charge, Death Parade gets brutal, Cute High skewers moe, and more!

Anime roundup 3/5/2015: Tiny Loon Adventures

In this week's viewing: Yatterman Night rescues Baby Nessie, JoJo's humor gets literally juvenile, and more!

Anime roundup 2/26/2015: I’ve Got a Strange Fixation

In this week's viewing: Brotherly love, motherly love, and some more dubious targets of affection.

Anime Roundup 2/19/2015: The Red Badge of Insanity

In this week's viewing: Yona meets a test with courage, Yatterman Night meets one with crazy, and more! And a link to NSFW imagery....

Anime roundup 2/12/2015: Distaste of the Union

In this week's viewing: JoJo and Cute High deal with defectors, Yona contends with a reluctant dragon, and more!

Anime roundup 2/5/2015: Going To the Dogs

In this week's viewing: Viewster gets its act together, Yatterwan, Anubis, and more!

Anime roundup 1/29/2015: The Bare Necessities

In this week's viewing: A late premiere, simulcast news, and more!

Anime Roundup 1/22/2015: The Hot Hand

Where, oh where are the simulcast announcements?

Anime roundup 1/8/2015: Cleared For Takeoff

In this week's viewing: Premiere week is off to a slow start, but we've got at least one excellent show already.