The Big Idea: Kerrie Faye

Sometimes as an author, you have to work to develop a character. And sometimes, they just… appear. Which of these did author Kerry Faye have happen for her novel Dead Girl? She’s here now to enlighten you.


I’ve always been curious about how storytellers come up with their ideas. Most of the time, it’s not how I would have imagined. For me the big idea came not as a concept, but as a character.

Ember, the main character of my debut novel, Dead Girl, literally arrived one day in early January 2021. You see, I had just come off a big move from South Florida to Denver, Colorado, in 2019 when the pandemic hit. While some found 2020 to be the perfect time to pursue their hobbies (writing), I couldn’t fathom creating. I had meat and toilet paper to procure. I didn’t have time for fun things like world building. I was in survival mode.

But then 2021 rolled around, and I found that I was able to separate myself from the chaos of the world around me and pursue my true love, writing. I did like most novices—I found a craft book to get the muse going. I scoured the internet. I joined organizations, critique groups. This was it. I was going to write a best seller. Spoiler alert: I did not. But what I did do was play. And in that play, my main character showed up. And she showed up in a big way. Some might say, she was my big idea.

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