Carl Sagan, a gift that keeps on giving

Stranger Things Rocks Out

A new Declaration for our modern times

Neal Stephenson jumps on the prognostication bandwagon

Mini Editorial:  Could all Neal/Neils get together and settle on a spelling?

Paul Di Filippo announces a new release

This article suggests that there was ONE cause behind the cancellation of Tom Swift

Someone is going to pay big for a pair of tiny hands

Successful Hollywood Director Tells Future Audience He Doesn’t Care If They Miss Some Of His Newest Film  (note, our featured image today commemorates this momentous event)

Lloyd Penney sent in this pic of his wife “cosplaying” 

Ken Burnside shows us why it is the Platypus that will conquer all

Rudy Rucker shares some of his titles

A disturbing trend in activism is brought to our attention by Lou Berger

Why hasn’t Stranger Things killed off more of its characters?

A humorous pictorial take on Boris Johnson’s resignation from Ian Watson

The God-shaped hole at the center of mathematics….

Doug Ellis has published another catalog of genre art

Making the case for the multiverse with the JWST

CJ Cherryh notes that planets in our solar system can still get knocked out of whack



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