And the Chinese Propaganda Begins….

More issues with China

Via File 770’s Pixel Scroll, entry #1 STATE GUIDANCE ISSUED FOR SF IN CHINA covers a Variety article covering the Chinese government’s prescription for “…domestically developing pro-China science fiction film content and high-tech production capability.”

One method recommended for achieving that goal is “…is to “thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping Thought.” ”

It should be remembered that Xi Jinping fairly recently appointed himself China’s “President for Life”.

Chengdu China is bidding for the 2023 Worldcon.  It should not be selected.

Among numerous issues:  China is brutally repressing the Uygur ethnic minority, removing human rights formally guaranteed to Hong Kong and attempting to claim ownership of international waters.

Worldcon should not be hosted in a country ruled by a dictator.


Note:  Featured image illustrates locations of Uyghur’s concentration camps

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