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1. I’m using the slogan “Virtually the First One”, ’cause AmazingCon is a virtual convention and the first one.  Also because if/when we host a live AmazingCon, we can still call that convention AmazingCon1, and because I think it a clever pun.  Don’t you think it’s clever?  Even witty maybe?
Fine.  Come up with your own.

2. Here is a list of our Guest Stars (so far):

Mike Alexander Anderson, Adam-Troy Castro, Marie Bilodeau, Ricky L Brown, James Cambias, Patty Carvacho, Noah Chinn, Jack Clemons, Carolyn Clink, David L Clink, Dave Creek, Jennifer Crow, Julie Czerneda, Steve Davidson, Vincent Di Fate, Steve Fahnestalk, Sally McBride, Jen Frankel, JM Frey, JF Garrard, David Gerrold, Sean Grigsby, Jerri Hardesty, Chip Houser, G. Scott Huggins, Elizabeth Hirst, Rebecca Inch-Partridge, MD Jackson, Paula Johanson, H Kauderer, Daniel M Kimmel, Kathy Kitts, Paul Levinson, Judy Mccrosky, Jack McDevitt, Ron Miller, Petrea Mitchell, MJ Moores, Will Murray, Ira Nayman, Wendy Nikel, Julie Novakova,  Loyd Penney, Brad Preslar, Dan Ritter, David Ritter, Rhea Rose, Amber Royer, Russ Scarola, Veronica Scott, Alex Shvartsman, Steven H Silver, Dan Simon, Rosemary Claire Smith, Bud Sparhawk, Hugh Spencer, Richard Dean Starr, Allen Steele, SP Somtow, Kimberly Unger, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, Leslie Wicke, Erin Wilcox, Matt Wolfendon, Kermit Woodall, Brianna Wu, Frank Wu

3. Registration is OPEN

Registration is FREE.  Go HERE

This is the text that appears on the registration page, which I suspect some registrants are not reading.  Please note the information regarding verification emails and the information regarding the process of registering for one of the Writing Workshops.

Register for the upcoming AmazingCon, donations are suggested but are not required. Anyone donating $25 or more gets a digital bundle of our first year’s issues, four in all, of Amazing Stories!

If you don’t want to donate just enter 0 (zero) for the donation amount.

AmazingCon will be hosted on Zoom and will take place on June 12 thru June 14, 2020.

Over forty authors will present readings from their current and up-coming works, including several soon-to-be-released novels.

In addition to discussion panels, several writing workshops will be offered as well.*

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (with donation or without) in order to receive an invitation and password for access to the event.

PLEASE NOTE:  Your verification email may take some time to process as there is a manual stage involved.  You can expect to see verification within 24 hours of registering.  If 24 hours have passed and you have not received verification, please contact

*Attendance at individual Writing Workshops is limited and requires a special invite.  When registration for workshops opens up, you will receive an email notification, offering you an opportunity to sign up.  Availability of space in a workshop will be first come, first served, based on email responses.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you sign up for a workshop, you are expected to attend the entire workshop, which may involve multiple sessions over two or three days of the convention.  Please be responsible when signing up.

Please take a moment to support Amazing Stories with a one-time or recurring donation via Patreon. We rely on donations to keep the site going, and we need your financial support to continue quality coverage of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres as well as supply free stories weekly for your reading pleasure.

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