Announcing AMAZINGCON! An Online Convention

Announcing AmazingCon, an online convention coming June 12-14, 2020

Yes, that’s right!

We’ve gone ahead and scheduled AmazingCon®, the Official Amazing Stories Convention.

The event will take place at a digital convention center near you this coming June 12, 13, 14 of 2020.

That’s all online via videoconferencing, just in case you didn’t get the joke.

We’re in the process now of putting together our schedule and more formal announcements will be forthcoming on a regular basis, but what we can tell you right now is, we’ve got more than enough participation from all corners of the genre world to fill up an entire weekend;  over 50 contributors to Amazing Stories magazine and the Amazing Stories website have signed on to present.

We’ll have readings from some of your favorite authors.

We’ll have concerts (yes, concerts!) and live musical performances.

We’ll have art presentations.

Game shows.


Writing Workshops.

Panels.  Yes, there will be panels on some of the most interesting contemporary subjects.

We’re even working on Lobby Fandom and Room Party features.

Not to mention Opening Ceremonies and a Dead Dog Party.

We’ll be listing our participants soon.  Each and every one a Guest Star of the Convention.  Some you know, some will be new to you, all of them are Amazing!

Let’s all be Amazing together at AmazingCon!


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    1. David; you will have to register with a verifiable email address, but there will be no membership fee (although there will be a sign-up option that includes the ability to make a donation in support of the con). Registration will open soon and will be accessible on the website (which is nothing but a place-holder at the moment).

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