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The Coolest Thing I’ve Seen All Week

I’m an astronomer, but I also have a background in engineering, and when I was six, dinosaurs rivaled space for my primary interest.  I’m grown-up now, but must admit I still love toys.  The bigger the better. This image came to me via facebook. In the future, things we like will just spontaneously appear in […]

Astronomers Find Star That Has Exploded Six Times – ExtremeTech

Astronomers have spotted something that shouldn’t exist–a star that acts as if it’s gone supernova at least six times. Writing in Nature, an international research team discusses the highly unusual case of iPTF14hls, first classified as a Type II-P supernova on January 8, 2015. At first, this appears to have been an open-and-shut designation (II-P supernovas […]

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