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AMAZING NEWS: 4-15-2018


Amazing Stories Now Offers Print and Electronic Subscriptions.


Amazing Stories Will Open for Submissions on 4/23/18 (additional details will be posted to the website)


More Anti-Abortion BS, Arizona Style

Multi-Vitamn-No No

Thoughts on Writers of the Future (Yes, It IS a Scientology Thing)


Atwood Talks to Squids in Space

Ark of Space

Visit Disney’s Pandora an ride an Eco-Unfriendly Power Suit (via Ruby Kapture)

Ad Free StarShipSofa

This Island Interocitor

Writerus Interruptus

Former Soviet Science Fiction

Bed Time Stories From Space


SFWA April Market Report

Two Publishers Built on Author’s Fees

A New Twist on E-Book Piracy

Correia Still Bashing the Hugos

Allen Steele Wows Them in Hong Kong

Free Comic Book Day Is Coming!


Dragon Borealis

Mars Crater Closeup

AMOC at its Weakest in 1600 Years:  Can You Say “Glaciation”?

Massive Tablet Find in Ancient Nubia

4D Moon Tour

Metal Asteroid Mission

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