Off to Boskone

In just a few short hours I shall depart for Boston and the Westin Waterfront Hotel, where I shall fall head-first into a pool of fannishness, otherwise known as the 53rd Boskone. (Most of Friday’s events are FREE, so stop on by!.)

I doubt that I’ll encounter any watery-tarts distributing swords, but if I’m offered one, I’ll gladly take it.  It AND the coconuts.

Today I’ll be talking about cover art and obtaining art and using art for a publication (short version:  find a decent artist, meet their rate, tell them what you are looking for, provide specs if necessary, done) and about fanzines.

I’m bringing a bunch of fanzines with me;  I’m positive that some in the audience have never actually held a mimeoed and stapled fanzine in their actual hands.  (Bring your own white gloves, please.)

I will also be wearing my custom-made David Hartwell memorial tie that I’ll be donating on Saturday.  (Pics after Saturday.)

Oh what the heck.  Here’s a pic of the tie:

hartwell tie

That is, of course, David front and center, cropped from a Wikipedia image;  behind him is the TOR logo, where David worked much of his career (and exercised tremendous influence over the genre) and behind that is a deep space star field from a NASA (Spitzer, I think) space telescope pic, representing science fiction, the future, aspiration, lofty goals and all of the other wonderful things that surround and fill our genre.  (I’m thinking of making another one of just the star field….)

If you’ll be at the convention, please look me up.

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