Hey! Don’t Feed the Time Travelers!

back-to-the-futur-ii_bannerIn just ten hours and 28 minutes (at 7:28 am PST), Dr. Emmett Brown, Martin ‘Marty’ McFly and Jennifer Parker will materialize in our present, riding inside a flying DeLorean sports car modified by Dr. Brown (with a Mr. Fusion power source and a flux capacitor time machine).


Dr. Emmett Brown has already altered the future (his own and obviously ours as well); Biff Tannen, Marty McFly and the aforementioned Doctor have already created at least one closed time-loop (and who knows what kind of stability that thing has!?).

If you value anything about our current time stream – your time stream, my time stream, everybody’s time stream – you should consider Doctor Emmett Brown and his compatriots and time-altering adversary  – Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker and Biff Tannen – to be armed and extremely dangerous.

Once they arrive in our present, if they are not allowed to do precisely what they are supposed to do, whatever that is, everything can change – and not necessarily for the better.

We’re already living in an altered time line.  Check it out:

NO hover boards.hover-board-2

NO Mr. Fusion.mrfusion_screencap_101

NO Jaws 19.Featured_jaws19

NO 3D billboards.jaws19

NO flying cars.Flying-Car

(It is a mixed blessing.)

None of that stuff.  No. We’re the timeline that got to keep the Cub’s World Series win.  Maybe.

Enough with the time ripples already.  It’s already tough enough keeping track of what’s really going on, let alone having to worry about everything else that might be going on.

So please.  If you see a flying DeLorean. If you see any of the people pictured below.  If you smell a manure truck, just ignore it.  Totally and absolutely ignore it.  Don’t. Do Anything.  Don’t call the papers. Don’t blog about it. Don’t mention it to anyone and maybe, if we’re lucky, nothing else noticeable will change.


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