Four Hundred Ninety Two and Counting

One of the things that the Hugo Awards controversy (2015 edition) has brought to my attention is the fact that we do not pay nearly enough attention to the fact that for every category winner, there are at least two, if not four, other nominees.

One of the things that I always understood about the Hugo Awards was that making it to the Short List was essentially the same as winning the award.  By that I mean, the works in question were so highly regarded that they made it through the field to the final lineup.  It’s like the All Star teams for baseball and football.

When you look at those kinds of line ups, you can’t really distinguish one player from another.  They’re all equally great, equally skilled, equally worthy of having a spotlight on them.  What happens in the final game is almost entirely anti-climactic.  You get to watch your favorites play with all the other favorites (and you can be damned sure that every single one of their coaches admonished them not to do something stupid, there’s a regular season to finish, so you’re unlikely to be seeing any of them at their absolute finest).  But it is nice to see the best of the best of the best all hanging out together for a little low-key competition.

Being Hugo nominees is like being one of those All Star players in the locker room before the game.  You got a little extra attention for yourself (and maybe your agent can use it to bump things up next contract negotiation), you get to hang with people you’d be unlikely to see otherwise and you probably don’t really care who wins the game so long as you don’t do something stupid in front of the cameras.  (That last part might be taking the analogy too far.)

I can’t help but think that if we did pay more attention to the nominees our conversation regarding the award would have to be altered.  Or at the very least, our view of what the Hugo Award says about our genre would be perceived in a different way.

So in the interest of expanding our perceptions of the awards and casting a little more light on what the voters have deemed worthy of the award in times past, I offer this comprehensive, alphabetical list of all of the nominees and winners.  The list represents the awards for literature – Best Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story and Related, as well as the awards given for editorial excellence – Best (Pro) Magazine in years past, Best Editor and most recently Best Editor Long Form and Short Form.

If you want to gain a true idea of who and what the Hugo Awards have been and are about, you need to take a look at this list, not just the winners.

ab Hugh Dafydd
Abraham Daniel
Addams Charles
Ahmed Saladin
Aldiss Brian W
Amano Yoshitaka
Anders Charlie Jane
Anderson Chester
Anderson Poul
Anthony Piers
Arnason Eleanor
Asaro Catherine
Ashley Mike
Ashwell Pauline
Asimov Isaac
Bacigalupi Paolo
Bacon-Smith Camille
Baen James P
Baker Anton Lee
Baker Kage
Ballentine Betty
Ballentine Ian
Banks Ian M.
Barlowe Wayne
Barnes John
Barnes Steven
Barrett Neal
Barron Neil
Barton William
Baxter Stephen
Beagle Peter S.
Bear Greg
Bell M. Shayne
Benford Gregory
Bergeron Richard
Bester Alfred
Biggle Lloyd Jr
Bishop Michael
Bisson Terry
Bleiler Everett F.
Blish James
Bloch Robert
Boehm Herb
Bone J.F.
Boswell Thom
Boucher Anthony
Bova Ben
Bradley Marion Zimmer
Bratman David
Brin David
Brown Charles N
Brown Rosel George
Brunner John
Bryant Edward
Buchanan Ginjer
Budrys Algis
Bull Emma
Burnett Cathy
Burroughs Edgar Rice
Burstein Michael A.
Butler Andrew M.
Butler Octavia
Cadigan Pat
Cady Jack
Campbell, John
Card Orson Scott
Carl Lillian Stewart
Carnell John
Carr Terry
Carroll Jonathan
Castro Adam-Troy
Chabon Michael
Chalker Jack L.
Chambers S.J.
Chant Joy
Chapdelaine Perry A.
Chapdelaine Tony
Charbonneau Louis
Cherry David A.
Cherryh C.J.
Chiang Ted
Chu John
Chwedyk Richard
Clarke Arthur C
Clarke Neil
Clarke Susanna
Clement Hal
Clifton Mark
Clough Brenda W.
Clute John
Cogswell Theodore R.
Cohen Jack
Contento William G.
Cooper Karen
Corey James S.A.
Cornell Paul
Correia Larry
Cowper Richard
Crowley John
Curtis Betsy
Daniel Tony
Dann Jack
Datlow Ellen
Davidson Avram
Day Vox
de Bodard Aliette
de Camp L. Sprague
De Vet Charles
del Rey Judy-Lynn
Delaney Joseph H.
Delany Samuel R
Delap Richard
Denton Bradley
DeVore Howard
Di Fate Vincent
Di Filippo Paul
DiChario Nicholas A.
Dick Philip K
Dickson Gordon R
Dillon Diane
Dillon Leo
Disch Thomas M.
Dixon Dougal
Doctorow Cory
Dowling Terry
Dozois Gardner
Duncan Andy
Duntemann Jeff
Durant Frederick C.
Edelman Scott
Effinger George Alec
Egan Greg
Eggleton Bob
Eisenstein Phyllis
Ellis Sigrid
Ellison Harlan
Farmer Philip Jose
Fenner Arnie
Fenner Cathy
Ferman Edward L
Finlay Charles Coleman
Finlay Virgil
Florance-Guthridge George
Flynn Michael F.
Ford Jeffrey
Forde Pat
Foster Eugie
Fowler Karen Joy
Frank Jane
Franklin Michael
Freisner Esther M.
Frost Gregory
Froud Brian
Fulda Nancy
Gaiman Neil
Galouye Daniel F
Gardner James Alan
Garnett David S.
Garrett Randall
Gerrold David
Gibson William
Gifford James
Gilbert Sheila
Gilman Carolyn Ives
Gloss Molly
Glyer Diana
Godwin Parke
Gold H.L.
Goldsmith Cele
Goldstein Lisa
Gomoll Jeanne
Gorinsky Liz
Gould Steven
Graham Ron
Grant C.L.
Grant John
Green Dominic
Green Robert M.
Griffith Nicola
Gunn Eileen
Gunn James
Haber Karen
Haldeman Joe
Hand Elizabeth
Hardy David A.
Harness Charles L.
Harris Lee
Harrison Harry
Hartmann William K
Hartwell David G.
Hauptmann Richart A.
Hay George
Heinlein Robert A
Helfers John
Henderson Zenna
Herbert Brian
Herbert Frank’
Heuvelt Thomas Olde
Hopkinson Nalo
Howard Hayden
Hubbard L. Ron
Humphrey Elizabeth L.
Hurley Kameron
Ing Dean
Jakobsson Eljer
James Edward
Janifer Laurence M
Jemisin N.K.
Jennings Gary
Jensen Jan Lars
Jenson Klaus
Johnson Bill
Johnson Kij
Jones Raymond F
Jones Stephen
Jordan Robert
Kagan Janet
Kelly James Patrick
Kessel John
Keyes Daniel
Killough Lee
Kimmel Daniel M.
Kincaid Paul
Kingsbury Donald
Klages Ellen
Knight Damon
Koontz Dean R.
Kornbluth C.M.
Kress Nancy
Kube-McDowell Michael P.
Lafferty R.A.
Lake Jay
Lamont Gil
Lanagan Margo
Landis Geoffrey A.
Landon Justin
Langford David
Larbalestier Justine
Larkin David
Laumer Keith
Le Guin Ursula
Leckie Ann
Leiber Fritz
Leinster Murray
Levine David D.
Lewis Anthony R.
[/two] [two_last]
Ley Willy
Lindholm Megan
Link Kelly
Liu Ken
Llewellyn J.J.
Loehr Jim
Longyear Barry B.
Lupoff Dick
Lupoff Pat
Lvinson Paul
MacAvoy R.A.
MacLean Katherine
MacLeod Ian R.
Maitz Don
Major Joseph T.
Malzberg Barry N.
Martin George R.R.
Martin Marcia
Matthews Jack
May Julian
McAllister Bruce
McCaffrey Anne
McCarthy Shawna
McCloud Scott
McDevitt Jack
McDonald Ian
McGuire Seanan
McHugh Maureen F.
McIntosh Will
McINtyre Vonda N
McKee Charnas Suzy
McKenna Bridget
McKenna Richard
McKillip Patricia A.
McLaughlin Dean
McMaster Bujold Lois
McMullen Sean
McNelly Willis E.
Meacham Beth
Melko Paul
Mendlesohn Farah
Merrick Helen
Merrill Judth
Mieville China
Miller Chuck
Miller Frank
Miller Ron
Miller Walter M
Mills Robert P
Moffett Judith
Moles David
Moon Elizabeth
Moorcock Michael
Moore Patrick
Morrill Rowena
Morrow James
Mullen Stanley
Murphy Pat
Myles L.M.
Nicholls Peter
Nielsen Hayden Patrick
Nielsen Hayden Teresa
Niven Larry
Nordley G. David
Norton Andre
Novik Naomi
O’Shea Tara
Oltion Jerry
Ortiz Luis
Owings Mark
Palmer David R.
Pangborn Edgar
Panshin Alexei
Panshin Cory
Patterson William H.
Perret Patti
Petrey Susan C.
Phillips Julie
Phillips Rog
Picacio John
Piper H Beam
Platt Charles
Plauger P.J.
Pohl Frederik
Pohl-Weary Emily
Pournelle Jerry
Powers Richard
Pratchett Terry
Pratt Time-Shari
Priest Cherie
Priest Christopher
Prucher Jeff
Purdom Tom
Raphael Rick
Reamy Tom
Reed Kit
Reed Robert
Resnick Mike
Reynolds Mack
Reynolds Ted
Riley Frank
Roberts Keith
Roberts Mark
Robinson Frank M.
Robinson Jeanne
Robinson Kim Stanley
Robinson Spider
Rosenbaum Benjamin
Rosenblum Mary
Rotsler William
Rowe Christopher
Rowling J.K.
Rusch Kristine Kathryn
Russ Joanna
Russell Eric Frank
Russell Mary Doria
Ryan Charles C.
Ryman Geoff
Saberhagen Fred
Sagan Carl
Samatar Sofia
Sanders Williamson
Sanderson Brandon
Sanderson Jordan
Sargent Pamela
Sawyer Robert J.
Scalzi John
Schenk Hilbert
Schentz Melvin H.
Schmidt Stanley
Schmitz James H
Schneier Bruce
Scholz Carter
Schwarts Susan
Scithers George H
Scoville Pamela D.
Searles Baird
Sharp George
Shaw Bob
Shea Michael
Sheckley Robert
Sheffield Charles
Shepard Lucius
Shippey Tom
Shunn William
Shurin Jared
Shwartz Susan
Siclari Joe
Silverberg Robert
Simak Clifford D
Simmons Dan
Skal David J.
Sleight Graham
Smith Cordwainer
Smith Dean Wesley
Smith Edward E
Smith Thomas G.
Soukup Martha
Spinrad Norman
Springer Nancy
Stableford Biran
Stanish Deborah
Steele Allen
Stephenson Neal
Sterling Bruce
Stewart Ian
Stiegler Marc
Stone Eric James
Strahan Jonathan
Stross Charles
Sturgeon Theodore
Sucharitkul Somtow
Summers Ian
Swann Thomas Burnett
Swanwick Michael
Swirsky Rachel
Tall Stephen
Tan Shaun
Tayler Howard
Tenn William
Tepper Sheri S.
Thokar Greg
Thomas Lynne M.
Thomas Michael Damian
Thompson W.R.
Thomsen Brian M.
Tiptree James
Tolkein J.R.R.
Torgerson Brad
Tourtellotte Shane
Tuck Donald H.
Tucker Wilson
Turner George
Turtledove Harry
Tuttle Lisa
Underwood Tim
Valente Catherynne M.
Van Gelder Gordon
Vance Jack
VanderMeer Jeff
Varley Lynn
Vaughn Carrie
Vinge Joan D.
Vinge Vernor
Vinicoff Eric
Vonnegut Kurt
Waldrop Howard
Walling William
Warner Harry
Watson Ian
Watts Peter
Weinberg Robert
Weiskopf Toni
Weist Jerry
Weller Tom
Wellman Manly Wade
Wells Dan
Westfahl Gary
Weston Peter R.
Whelan Michael
White James
White Ted
Widder William J.
Wilhelm Kate
Williams Paul
Williams Ralph
Williams Sheila
Williams Walter Jon
Williamson Jack
Willis Connie
Wilson Richard
Wilson Robert Charles
Wingrove David
Winter Douglas E.
Wolfe Gary K.
Wolfe Gene
Wollheim Donald A
Wood Susan
Wu William F.
Wynne Jones Diana
Young Robert F
Yu E, Lily
Zahn Timothy
Zelazny Roger
Zerfoss Jeremy

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