AMAZING THINGS: C.C. Finlay Named F&SF Editor

The genre’s only remaining digest mag has a new editor at the helm.

As reported in Locus yesterday, author and F&SF guest editor Charles Coleman Finlay has been named as the new editor of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Finlay will take the helm of the highly respected magazine beginning with the March-April 2015 issue.  Gordon Van Gelder, who has been editing the magazine since 1997 and who purchased the magazine in 2001, will remain its publisher.

The Magazine of Fantasy, Fall, 1949. The debut issue. The magazine’s title would change to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction with the next issue.

As noted by the Science Fiction Encyclopedia, F&SF is the industry’s only remaining digest magazine (Analog and Asimovs having switched to a slightly larger puzzle mag format some years ago) and has been published continuously since 1949.  F&SF is now on a bi-monthly schedule.

F&SF’s latest issue, Jan-Feb 2015. On news stands now!

The magazine has a storied history and is well known for establishing high literary standards for the field;  it’s editors history of awards points to the magazine’s high regard and impact.

Amazing Stories congratulates Mr. FInaly, Mr. van Gelder and their magazine and wishes them all the best in future!

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