A Collection of Boskone’s Mini Interviews from Across the SF/F Industry

Get ready for Boskone 2015 with these mini-interviews of the convention’s guests.

Boskone, New England’s longest running science fiction and fantasy convention is gearing up for their upcoming con, which takes place February 13-15, 2015 in Boston, MA by putting together a series of Mini Interviews. These interviews feature many of their program participants who share tidbits about everything from their new projects, the things that inspire them, and even peeks into their own fannish desires. We started the series with Steven Brust, Boskone’s Guest of Honor, and will continue with new Mini Interviews every few days until the convention begins on February 13th in Boston, MA.

Pre-registration rates are: $50 Adults; $35 College Students; $25 High School Students. For more information, people can visit Boskone’s website, friend us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @BoskoneNews.

(Editor’s Note:  as new mini-interviews are published, Amazing Stories will provide a notice and link right here on our front page.)

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