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Saturday being our “slow day” here at Amazing Stories (truth be told, it is supposed to be a “no Amazing Stories work” day for me – imposed by my lovely wife Karen and reinforced by entreaties from Bo the Wonder Dog.  You can see how well I follow instruction….) I thought it might be appropriate to point a spotlight on the more commercial things we’re doing here in a crass attempt to get you, faithful reader, to part with a few of your hard-earned dollars.

It may come as a shock to you, but we now have four+ books on the market (in both print and electronic formats) produced by our partner Futures Past Editions.

They are absolutely lovely examples of the book-as-artifact;  the internal layout is fantastic and easy to read (nicely spaced and sized font!);  the cover artwork is lovingly reproduced retro SF images (Frank R. Paul and others) reprising some of the more iconic Amazing Stories imagery of years gone past;  these books have heft (no slim volumes here) and the cover paper is a tough, almost tyvek like material – it feels smooth and substantial and you can tell it’s capable of easily handling the occasional coffee splash and sweaty fingers.

The content is equally intriguing – reproductions of entire anniversary issues of the magazine, collections of the best stories from year to year and reprints of long-lost classic novel length tales.  These are not just moldy oldy pulp tales:  these are some of the best stories produced during the genre’s formative years – gems every single one!

Here’s the current round-up in glorious color:

amazing 35th front
Amazing Stories – the Giant 35th Anniversary Issue from April 1961. (We’re on our 88th anniversary now!)
amazing 35th back
The back cover with even more Frank R. Paul work. (When was the last time you got a trade paperback with a full-color back cover?)


amazing best of 26
The first of a series of annual anthologies featuring the best stories from Amazing Stories
annual anthologies collage
A preview of the volumes to come!


seeds of life
The first of many “classic novels”
seeds of life back
And even more back cover full color art!


See what’s going on here? 1: a series of books that reproduces entire issue of Amazing Stories. 2: a series of anthologies that collects the best offerings from the magazine year-by-year. 3: a series of stand-alone novels.

What’s missing? A series of themed anthologies – robot tales, lost colony tales, planetary romance tales, evil scientist tales…Amazing Stories had them all and Futures Past Editions will be collecting them in a series of themed anthologies.

What else?

Our comic – A Doctor For the Enterprise.  Authored by David Gerrold and illustrated by Troy Boyle, inks by Jeff Austin, letters by NIc J. Shaw.

IT IS ACTUALLY HERE!  FINISHED.  Almost ready to go!  It is currently being signed by David Gerrold and will then be off to Troy for signing.  We expect to ship in November.  This is a signed and numbered limited edition (500 copies, full color, 24 pages), and copies are still available (in the store)

Our comic has Star Trek:TOS, Doctor Who, Klingons, Daleks, Tribbles – and a surprise ending!


1 front cover


and we’re working on a series of high-res posters, reproducing the entire run of Frank R. Paul covers for Amazing that will be available in two sizes, suitable for framing.

There’s more, but I figure by this time you’ve figured out how to find it.

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