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ComicBooksIt’s incredible, the people you can meet in the realm of fandom. Earlier this past week, I met Aaron and his wife, Melody, from House of HaHa. I had never heard of them before and stopped by for a comic book yard sale they were holding. What started as a little hunting to get back into and grow my comic collection turned into an GetTheBarrelhour long conversation about comics, networking, and over all geekery. After some good laughs and our wallets thirty dollars lighter, it was obvious we had made some awesome new friends. Though I’m not here to boast about my social life, I want to tell you about House of HaHa.

If you haven’t heard of them, you really should. House of HaHa is an online t-shirt store that specializes in hilarious geeky references and even more entertaining puns. With shirts for your inner gamer like “Mess with the monkey, get the barrels.” to you well diversified SF enthusiast with “Same ship, SameShipdifferent day.” there is literally something for everyone. Lets say geek isn’t your thing, that’s no problem. There are still many funny jokes that are, as House of HaHa says, “Fashion for your funny bone.”

Though their awesomeness doesn’t end there. Last year, House of HaHa hosted a Stand-Up for Autism fundraiser to raise money for the Face’s of Autism Scholarship to the Gateway Academy School. These wonderful people aren’t out to make a dime off of fandom but to help live a dream and aid others in theirs. I can say just from speaking with Aaron that this man is a true superhero. Him, along with House of HaHa, aim to connect with people and enforce community with geek and nerd cultures alike. What really touched me is his interest and willingness to help whenever he can. To really know more about Aaron and House of HaHa, maybe you should watch this.


I highly recommend picking up a shirt or two from them as they are truly great, funny people whoVamPIre, in my opinion, deserve the support of fandom. Anyone who does order, you can enter the code FUNNYMONEY to get five dollars off their order and know that they will never charge extra for larger sizes. So I say, support your fellow artists and geeks alike. Aaron and Melody have done a wonderful job with their original t-shirt designs and I, for one, am grateful to have crossed their paths.


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