Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands because there might be a DashCon² on the horizon. A screen cap of a Kickstarter page for the convention has been going around Tumblr with much disbelief. At a financial goal of $17,000 by September 14th, 2014 according to the image, I must admit seems a little suspect. Tumblr users appear to be upset at the “Flexible Funding” option selected by the event. For those who are unaware, flexible funding means that even if the goal is not reached then the fundraiser still gets to keep the money afterword.


Though things aren’t exactly as they seem. After looking around Tumblr and checking DashCon’s page, they have made a statement regarding the Kickstarter. “This is not us.” DashCon states. I have to admit with all the frustration that surrounded the initial DashCon event, I’m a little skeptical. Thank goodness I continued to read on. “Running a funding campaign is not something we’re currently doing, nor do we intend to in the future. We don’t know who is responsible…” DashCon themselves continue to advise supporters to not back this fundraiser.

Finally, DashCon states that “…we have not disappeared. We’re simply taking the time to clean up the significant damage done a few weeks ago.” and suggest that they do plan on returning at some point for an official DashCon². For those who do have an interest on keeping up on DashCon, you can follow them on their Tumblr page. As our own Steve Davidson said, many popular, successful conventions had poor starts. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what direction DashCon goes.

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