Iron Man 3 Has Arrived At Last!


The 2013 comic book season has finally arrived and lucky for me the UK is one of the first countries getting a first taste of the Marvel movies again. Today saw Tony Stark return to saving the world solo, following his epic battle against Loki with Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury (and not forgetting Agent Coulson) in Avengers. Iron Man 3 doesn’t hit US cinemas until 3 May, so for all of my US fans I’m going to try and avoid spoilers.

This is the first Iron Man film without Jon Favreau behind the camera directing, which means we get a little more screen time with him. Shane Black who directed Robert Downey Jnr. in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has done a great job stepping into Favreau’s shoes. It’s can’t be easy after the popularity of the last two films and with your predecessor still on the set! What he has managed to do it take Iron Man up several notches, including multipul suits. Pepper Potts kicks ass in this film, and Tony Stark let’s down his cool, ‘nothing bothers me’ guard and reveals what can only be expected of a man (who discovered aliens are real as well as Nordic gods) post Loki-war.

The action isn’t the only thing that Shane has stepped up. The comedy is bigger and better than ever, some Tony Stark lines bordering on and pretty much passing cheeky. I also like what they have done with the Mandarin. It was a brave choice to pick a villain which in this day and age could offend a country, which isn’t really something you want when you are trying to make a film a worldwide smash-hit. Of course, Ben Kingsley is the perfect actor to scare you and make you laugh all in one film. Guy Pearce is also brilliant, once again, playing a truly evil villain.

I could go on, I have so much to say about this film, but you really must experience it for yourself. I went to view it at an extreme screen (large screen and ultimate surround sound) in 3D and whilst, I loved the film and action, I wasn’t wowed by the 3D. That said, this film has over 2,000 visual effects in it, so it is quite possible that I was so wrapped up in those I didn’t have time to notice the 3D – this is certainly true whilst watching the credits at the end. The special effects section is truly the longest I’ve ever seen.

If you are wondering if the end of those very, very long credits if there is an easter egg, well there is. Don’t expect something that links to the next film (unless there is something Marvel isn’t telling us), but it is worth staying in your seat to see.

Roll on 14 June for Man of Steel!

Image source: Gizmodo

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  1. I’m surprised at how excited I am for this (it’s likely that my entire focus has been on Man of Steel up until this week). I picked up my IMAX 3D tickets for later this week and I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

    Safe to say, this is going to a killer summer for awesome, awesome movies.

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