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Pictures of the Moon

Visit the Moon, then go out and play in the sunshine

I’m Curious, so Tell Me Something

Keith West has noticed a shift in his reading habits - away from traditional imprints and towards small indie presses. Have your reading habits changed?

Why Writing Science fiction is so Easy, or: How NOT to...

This is the silliest, lamest, most self-indulgent column you will ever read in Amazing Stories Magazine.
Katie Waitman - The Merro Tree

Low Intensity – 2 – Katie Waitman

Katie Waitman was the Del Rey Discovery of the Year for 1997 with her novel The Merro Tree. Del Rey stopped the series soon...

How American Airlines Helped Me Gafiate

Gafiate, for those whose Fannish Lexicon isn't handy, is Fan Speak for the act of 'Getting Away From It All'.  Leaving Fandom.  Putting conventions...