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Pictures of the Moon

Visit the Moon, then go out and play in the sunshine

Does a Book Need a Cover?

The medium is not the message - except sometimes it is.

The Artful Collector: Fantasy Art for Consumers

Fantasy art for consumers - pop culture fantasies

The Artful Collector: Art Hierarchies #1: Arts are Better than Crafts

The "Art vs. Craft" debate seems never-ending, because it hinges on an ever-evolving understanding of how we perceive what is considered "art".

Worldcon Report

Worldcon both met and fell short of my expectations.

The Artful Collector: State of the Art at the 71st Worldcon

Fans, publishers, art directors, and collectors expected Worldcon art shows to display the best-of-the-best art being created in the field, and top artists looked forward to meeting their expections. NO MORE.

Walking the River at LoneStarCon 3

LoneStarCon 3 promises to be one of the truly landmark events in the history of science fiction. Something so magnificent owes a great debt to San Antonio Fandom

The Artful Collector: Another Question from my Archives: Will They Still...

A collector asked me last year: Watching Heritage and other auctions for the past couple of years, it seems that the artwork and books that...

The Artful Collector: Are Conventions Good Places to Find Art? (Part...

Once upon a time, science fiction and fantasy conventions were great places to find, and buy, original art - and, in time - reproductions...