So Long Alcide…and Everyone Else!

Death, panic and confusion reign as True Blood winds down.

Alcide HerveauxWell HBO is certainly ensuring True Blood goes out with a bang. There is no holding back. For those that haven’t caught up with this season yet. Stop reading. Because, Tara is gone, yup, pretty early in the first episode. Then we find out Eric didn’t die at the end of the last season, but he is dying of the vamp virus. And then Alcide is shot and killed – man we will miss when he turns back into a human from a wolf.

In the last episode, as Sookie tries to cope post Alcide’s death, and Jason has to tell his best friend Hoyt (who had his memory wiped so has no memory of their friendship) that his mother has died. We also panic that we might also loose another long running character, in the absolutely not supernatural Arelene.

I get the show wants to go out on a high, and none of them are going back so they might as well make it dramatic, but I’d like to at least see a few familiar faces in the final episode!

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