Today is National Science Fiction Day

To all the Science Fictions out there, Happy Science Fiction Day.

It was originally created to correspond to Isaac Asimov’s birthday, usually listed as January 2nd, but that’s a little odd, since even Ike wasn’t sure what day he was born on.

Perhaps that’s the point?

Regardless, while it is not an official holiday (though it ought to be and that day should be March 1st, the day Amazing Stories appeared on the newsstands in 1926), it’s still nice to have a day named for and celebratory of the genre.

There are several ways one can honor Science Fiction day in an appropriate manner:

1. Buy a new science fiction book
2. Read a science fiction book or magazine, or watch a science fiction film or tv show
3. Write some science fiction
4. draw something science fictional
5. Perfect a previously science fiction-only technology;  we’re all still waiting for commercial-grade flying cars, matter transmittal, FTL, vat grown meat, universal incomes, immortality treatments, household robots, meal pills, autodocs, and a host of other cool things.  Get cracking!
6. Do something else SFnal:  publish a fanzine, attend an on-line club meeting, convention, reading, etc; sort your collection, work on that comprehensive bibliography of that favorite author…
7. Cosplay a favorite science fiction character all day

I’m sure there are other ways, science fiction fans are a creative lot.

So what are your plans for celebrating Science Fiction Day 2021?

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