Virtual Convention Convention This Sunday!

Join me at the Virtual Convention Convention this Sunday

There’s still plenty of time to sign up for and attend the Virtual Convention Convention online, the convention that will discuss the methods and methodologies of putting on a virtual convention.

Membership is free and, bonus, you get ME, Steve Davidson, the maestro of managing an online convention with too little for preparation.

Several months ago I hosted AmazingCon 2020, the first of a regular series of online cons devoted to Science Fiction, a traditional convention that attempted to replicate many of the experiences of regular, traditional fannish conventions.

According to our attendees, we managed to accomplish a lot of that, and we did so with only a handful of weeks of prep time.

That time included scheduling a multi-track, multi-focus, multi-day schedule of events.

Join me as I discuss the tools I created AND the tremendous good luck I encountered while figuring out how to coordinate 3 writing classes, 25 panels, 43 author readings across five tracks of scheduling.

Other panels will include presentations on the hosting of several online conventions as well as various tools that can enhance online experiences.

Virtual Convention Convention

for those who run virtual conventions and conferences

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