Loscon 45 Incident: What Happened, and the Committee’s Update
Over Thanksgiving weekend at Loscon 45, code of conduct violations were alleged against Gregory Benford for a couple of statements he made on the “New Masters of Science Fiction” panel. Afterwards, a Loscon co-chair took the unprecedented step of removing

Racism and Sexism
By Robert Silverberg: It’s folly to think that denials can ever catch up with falsehoods and distortions, and so up till now I have refrained from attempting to defend myself against the accusations that have been aimed at me since

Afua Richardson Joins Featured Artists at Dublin 2019
Afua Richardson, known for her work on Genius and World of Wakanda, will be joining Jim Fitzpatrick and Maeve Clancy as one of the featured artists at Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. Richardson has just created a variant cover for Shuri #2, the Wakanda-based series

Pixel Scroll 12/1/18 Too Many Pixels, Herr Scrollzart!
WAITING FOR AGLOW. Robert J. Sawyer tells fans why his next book won’t be released until 2020. After he lost his security clearance, J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, really did say: “There is a story behind

2019 TAFF Voting Opens
The 2019 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund Race to send a North American fan to the Dublin Worldcon next August is now on! Voting runs from today, December 1, to April 22, 2019. The candidates are Teresa Cochran, Sarah Gulde, Michael Lowrey,

Top 10 Posts for November 2018
Robert Silverberg’s “Racism and Sexism” post, written in defense of his comment about N.K. Jemisin’s 2018 Hugo acceptance speech, and to counter Marta Randall’s statements about the editing of New Dimensions, was one of the most widely-read of the year.

Pixel Scroll 11/30/18 And Remember: The Pixel In This Scroll Are Not For Eating
KEEP YOUR HUGO VOTING ELIGIBILITY. The official Hugo Awards site reminds you: “Join Worldcon by December 31, 2018 to be Eligible to Nominate for 2019 Hugo Awards”. The Hugo Awards are selected by a vote of the members of

Dublin 2019 Adds Special Hugo Award Category: Best Art Book
Dublin 2019, an Irish Worldcon, the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, (“Worldcon”) taking place in Dublin Ireland in August 2019, announced today that a special Hugo category for “Best Art Book” will be included in the 2019 Hugo Awards, and the Retrospective Hugo

Dublin 2019 to host Irish Science Fiction Film Festival and Golden Blaster Awards
The National Irish Science Fiction Film Festival and Golden Blaster awards ceremony will take place in August as part of hDublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. More than 4300 people have already registered for Dublin 2019, enabling the presenters’ films

2018 Gaylactic Spectrum Best Novel Award
The 2018 Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best Novel was announced November 24 at Chessiecon in Timonium, MD. The award’s Best Short Fiction and Best Other Work categories have been rolled over to the 2019 awards cycle. The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards

Pixel Scroll 11/29/18 It Is By Tickboxes Alone I Set My Scroll In Pixels.
NO ESCAPE. Lila Shapiro interview N.K. Jemisin for Vulture: “For Reigning Fantasy Queen N.K. Jemisin, There’s No Escape From Reality”. The cut line adds: “I’m writing about dragons as a black woman, and it’s fucking political.” Jemisin was a

MWA Withdraws Linda Fairstein Grand Master Award
The pushback against yesterday’s Mystery Writers of America announcement of Linda Fairstein as a 2019 Grand Master has led to cancellation of the award. Linda Fairstein’s selection was protested by one of last year’s Edgar-winning writers, Attica Locke, who reminded

Review: Terror at the Crossroads – Tales of Horror, Delusion, and the Unknown, edited by Emily Hockaday and Jackie Sherbow
y Cora Buhlert: As a reader and writer, I like stories that cross genre boundaries. Therefore, the anthology Terror at the Crossroads – Tales of Horror, Delusion, and the Unknown sounded like something right up my alley. Editors Emily Hockaday

Pixel Scroll 11/28/18 When The Pixeling Gets Tough, The Tough Get Scrolling
ATWOOD SEQUEL. With A Handmaid’s Tale enjoying great success as a TV series, Publishers Weekly reports “Margaret Atwood Is Writing a Sequel to ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’”. Following two years in which Margaret Atwood‘s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale

Wandering Through the Public Domain, Episode 2
A regular exploration of public domain genre works available through Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and Librivox. By Colleen McMahon: Thanks for the warm welcome for my first entry! I’ll start with some responses to comments on that post, then move

Pixel Scroll 11/27/18 Three Pixels And One Scroll Are Trapped In A File! Send Tick Boxes! If You Can’t Send Tick Boxes, Send Two More Chapter Fives!
WHAT’S INSIGHT. The InSight lander, after yesterday’s successful touchdown, charged up its solar-powered batteries and tested its camera…. (This may be an old chestnut by now, but it’s a Martian chestnut!) (2) ELVES AND MEN. Olga Polomoshnova considers partings

MWA’s 2019 Special Edgar Awards Include Protested Grand Master
Mystery Writers of America has named two new Grand Masters – Linda Fairstein and Martin Cruz Smith — plus the winners of several other awards: “MWA Announces 2019 Special Edgar Awards – Grand Master, Raven and Ellery Queen Award Recipients”.

NASFiC 2019 to Host Chesley Awards; New Trimble Sponsor Steps Forward
The Utah Fandom Organization has issued an update about events, guests, and other plans for the combined Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, & 1632 Minicon ( convention to be held July 4-7, 2019 in Layton, Utah: The Association of Science Fiction

Ken Fletcher Wins 2018 Rotsler Award
The 2018 Rotsler Award has been given to Ken Fletcher. The award, established in 1998 and named for the talented, prolific artist Bill Rotsler (1926-1997), is for long-time artistic achievement in amateur publications of the science fiction community. The winner

Pixel Scroll 11/26/18 Caution: Pixels In Scroll Are Closer Than They Appear
POUNDING AWAY AT IT. Although I’ll never carry this much British cash, I’m interested in the story: “New £50 note scientist nominations released”. On the list are computing pioneers Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace, telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell

AudioFile’s Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Audiobooks of 2018
AudioFile, a print and ezine, reviews audiobooks to “recommend good listening, top-notch performances and dynamic listening experiences.” The editors annually honor their choices of the best audiobooks across a variety of categories. This year File 770 is partnering with AudioFile

Pixel Scroll 11/25/18 The Oldest Established Permanent Floating (Pixel Scroll) In A City With Two Names Twice
BOOKSHELF ART. An amazing idea – “Clever Wooden Bookends Mimic Tokyo’s Narrow Back Alleys Lit Up at Night” at My Modern Met. Based in Tokyo, Japanese designer monde has created a new category of art and design—bookshelf dioramas. His

SFF Collectibles on the Market
The gift-giving season is upon us and John King Tarpinian has spotted all kinds of things you can buy for your sff-loving friends — provided your bank balance has enough zeroes in it. (Well, and also starts with a number

Loscon 45 Committee Statement
The Loscon 45 committee has posted a statement on Facebook and asked File 770 to give it a signal boost: Please be aware that the Loscon committee and LASFS Board are aware of an issue which occurred yesterday during a

2019 Norma K Hemming Award Taking Entries
The 2019 Norma K Hemming Award, designed to recognize excellence in the exploration of themes of race, gender, sexuality, class or disability in a published speculative fiction work, is now open for entries. Works published in 2018 are

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