Scott Edelman, WFC GoH, Delivers An Important Speech

Scott Edelman delivers a powerful speech att WFC 2018

Scott Edelman, was the Guest of Honor at the 2018 World Fantasy Convention, just concluded.  He delivered a fine speech that I urge everyone to read (links below).

I have known Scott now for a bit more than a decade..  He and I share contemporary fannish experiences (we largely came up through the ranks at the same time – the early 70s).  I was delighted when Science Fiction Age, the magazine he edited in the 90s, hit the stands, not so happy when he moved over to that “channel” – but I can’t begruge the guy a living (and truth to tell, if I’d been offered that job, there would have been great angst, mucho soul-searching and to this day I can’t say whether I’d have taken it or not, but I probably would have, believing, as I’m sure Scott did, that he could have a positive influence).

Regardless.  As Scott notes in his speech, it’s now more than forty years that we’ve been attending conventions – Scott much more so than I – and vast changes have been wrought.  Some not so good.

But Scott is a positive guy. He embodies, I think, in his personality, the very definition of Science Fiction – that belief that the future is a place we can all make a better place – “hey, there’s a new world next door, lets go!”, combined with the practical understanding that we can’t just wish for a better future, we have to make it so.

Read or listen to his speech and tell me if you don’t agree.

Scott Edelman:  World Fantasy Convention Guest of Honor Speech (text and video at the link).

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