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The phoenix remains popular: A symbol of new beginnings, of adversity overcome, and of reinventing oneself, perhaps.

Phoenix, by Sarah-Mandy Karp – Shadow-of-Destiny on DeviantArt.

The Phoenix is the quintessential magical bird. There can only ever be one phoenix alive at any one time: he lives an amazingly long life, then burns himself on a pyre, and a new phoenix rises from the ashes. No wonder this myth also appealed to Christian scholars, who saw the phoenix as a symbol for the resurrection of Christ.

The word is Greek, and the bird has been described by numerous learned writers throughout Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Herodot, Lucan, Pliny the Elder, Pope Clement I, Lactantius, Ovid, and Isidore of Seville are some of them. The origins of the myth, however, may go back to ancient Egypt: the bird is related to the cult of the sun, and a phoenix like bird called been was worshipped in Heliopolis.

These days, the image of the phoenix remains popular: it was interesting to me how many tattoo designs and other body art I found. A symbol of new beginnings, of adversity overcome, and of reinventing oneself, perhaps: I’m thinking of getting a phoenix tattoo myself, one day, when I will have earned it.

Phoenix, by 8-Phoenix-8 on DeviantArt.
Phoenix, by Heroine Arita – TheHeroine on DeviantArt.
Phoenix, by Anastassia Grigorieva -iZonbi on DeviantArt.
Abstract Phoenix Illustration, by SarangPhoenix on DeviantArt.
Phoenix, by ByLouis on DeviantArt.
Playing With A Fire Bird, by princess-phoenix on DeviantArt.
Phoenix Design 2, by Christos Karapanos – amorphisss on DeviantArt.
The Phoenix, by Chibimouto-chan on DeviantArt.
Dying phoenix, by Annabel Lee – zenphoenixa on DeviantArt.
Phoenix, by Gavin Mackey – SoupAndButter on DeviantArt.
From the last spark, by Christos Karapanos – amorphisss on DeviantArt.
Fire – Phoenix, by MAVnotMagic on DeviantArt.
phoenix, by andrew sussman – asussman on DeviantArt.
Phoenix, by NailsyMo on DeviantArt.
Phoenix Kansashi, by SincerelyLove on DeviantArt.
The Phoenix, by Federico Scarbini – loden on DeviantArt.
Phoenix, by Donatella Drago on DeviantArt.
Phoenix Love, by princess-phoenix on DeviantArt.
The Phoenix, by Suirebit on DeviantArt.

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