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Anime roundup 10/12/2017: Kicking the Tires

In this week's viewing: Fall premieres go all out with myth, magic, aliens, and a surprising number of motorcycles.

Fall 2017 SF Anime Preview

The leaves will soon be falling, and so will a new batch of shows!

Anime roundup 10/22/2015: Military-Entertainment Complex

In this week's viewing: The final commentary lineup for the season is whittled down, but not by much!

Anime roundup 10/15/2015: Tragicomedy

In this week's viewing: The remainder of premiere week serves up attempted humor, unintentional humor, and Garo. And a dancing android.

Fall 2015 SF Anime Preview

If there's one trend that really has me smiling this season, it's the unusually high number of anime-original shows.

Anime Roundup 10/16/2014: Getting Medieval

In this week's viewing: Swords, sorcery, sufficiently advanced technology, and more!

Fall 2014 SF Anime Preview

Coming soon: A bevy of sword-slinging princesses and knights, plus Astrid Lindgren! Yes, we are talking about Japanese TV...