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Why don’t we have remotely piloted cars?  Combine the self-driving stuff they’ve already got with a human pilot at a remote location and I bet one pilot could drive up to ten different vehicles simultaneously.  Or it could become a remotely co-piloted service…if you are too intoxicated, or an accident history suggests you need help.

Why don’t we teach parenting in public schools?  Children are often referred to as our country’s “greatest national resource”.  Why aren’t we protecting our investment every way possible?

Why don’t the companies publishing DRM ebooks give it up already?  There are freely available, easy to use apps and programs for breaking it. Forget it.  Even if you don’t publish an ebook edition, someone will take the hard copy and scan it.

Why don’t we crowdfund government programs that the government guts by faiing to properly fund?

Why don’t we do that for Biden’s Manhattan Project for cancer?

Why don’t I get another cup of coffee?  (That one is easily solved.)

Why don’t I stop this nonsense and move on to something a bit more substantive?  (Also easily solved.)


In response to his own claims of voter fraud, our President formed an investigatory panel looking into election integrity.  That panel is now demanding all voter information from all fifty states.  The request asks for names, addresses, part of your social security number and your voting history.

Why doesn’t my state, like Vermont, protect the integrity of my voting info?

This request will essentially provide one political party with all the data it needs.  It will also probably provide “russian hackers” with all the data they need.  Last name, address and last four digits of your social security number?  If they can’t screw with your data and financials with that information, well, Putin will find some North Koreans who can.

You can read more about it here.





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  1. Hey, Steve, long time no communicate!

    I’m working with a movie producer and a couple of studios to develop an anthology series of animated shorts–based on works from less-known genre writers–that will simultaneously generate online ad revenue but also double as series pilots.

    I know that you’ve had some experience dealing with studios and video anthologies, and probably have a solid idea of which writers would be the best to get involved in something like this. Anyway, if this interests you, let me know. It’s been too long since we’ve talked.

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