What the Hell Are You Doing In the Bathroom All the Time?

Igor’s father has some advice for our readers.

Young Frankenstein is probably one of the best send-ups of the iconic Ur science fiction story Frankenstein extant.

There are numerous wonderful scenes – the secret entrance, putting on the ritz, the “Abby Normal” brain…but one of the scenes that sticks in my head, and one that, with just a little bit of editing, fits very well with the message I wish to impart this morning, the dinner scene.

Here it is, courtesy of Youtube:

The editorial substitution might go something like this:

“What the hell are you doing reading these editorials day and night!?  We’ve got a magazine, a podcast, books!  Why not give those a chance!?”

I strongly urge you to take Igor’s implied advice.  Otherwise, well, maybe we won’t be all that motivated to “put the candle back”…

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