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I had thought for my first post that I would review a story that I’ve just finished reading, but then I thought to myself “I really should let everyone know a bit more about me before I start reviewing other’s work.” So here goes.

I am Terence Jackson. Most of my friends call me Jack. I answer to most anything, though. I began writing seriously several years ago. It started off as a way to beat the boredom of the long, cold Fargo, North Dakota winter, but developed into a real passion for me. I really love crafting the characters, setting the scenes, building the action, and creating emotions out of purely nothing at all, just my imagination and a few well-taken notes on my travels. Most of my storytelling centers around England, and in particular, London. I use a lot of real places, pubs, stores, businesses, etc. in my writing. I got a comment one time from a reader of one of my books that said she loved the way I describe a scene; she felt as if she was right there with my characters. That made me feel amazing as it was part of what I set out to do. Another person said she hated me for making her cry on the airplane when she was reading one of my books; she went on to say that the person next to her thought she was having a breakdown. I never meant to make anyone look as if they were mental, but that I can stir up that sort of emotion just by my writing nearly made me shed a tear, as well.

Most of what I have written in the last several years are vampire stories – Von Dred, The Book of Jacob, and Blood Underground – and there will be more vampire stories forthcoming, especially the Blood Underground series. I’m having a lot of fun with that one. I like breaking out of the old vampire mold and breathing new life into the genre, changing things up, creating new lore and putting a twist on the old way of thinking about the undead. I will be branching out into a couple of books not about vampires but still within what one might consider the horror genre.

Anyway, that’s enough for this post. I hope you all will follow my posts and read my books and comment on them. I love being critiqued – good and bad. My stories have been called everything from A to Z and even vampire porn (I laugh when I think of that one). I will be updating you on my work as well as reviewing some more recent stories out there in the horror/vampire genre. Cheers and keep reading!

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