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Staff changes at Amazing Stories.

Ira Nayman, who has been providing review services for Amazing Stories, stepped up a month or so ago to handle the daily postings on the website when illness in the Davidson family prevented Steve from being able to completely handle those tasks.

Today, we’ve given Ira a new title by way of thanking him for his volunteer work:  Ira Nayman is now the Managing Editor for the website.

In other news, we’re also pleased to welcome Carl Slaughter aboard the blog team;  Carl has been providing interviews and feature articles to a number of your favorite websites – SF Signal, File 770, Diabolical Plots – for quite some time now.

We’ll be getting his back files of interviews published here post haste, along with a number of feature articles that Carl is apparently eager to see in print. We’re looking forward to that.*

You all really ought to thank everyone associated with the site:  they’ve been marvelously supportive during this difficult time:  it’s quite accurate to say that without that support, I would not have been able to keep the site going.

(Any other former Signalers who might be looking for a home, please feel free to get in touch!)

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