We Have New Stuff…Lots and Lots of New Stuff!

Introducing our new store and our new line of products

Things are progressing apace here at Amazing HQ and we’ve got a lot to show for it.

First – the Winter 2018 issue is almost complete, with stories and non-fiction by Vonnie Winclow Cris, Marina J. Lostetter, Noah Chin, G. Scott Huggins, Nekola Novakova, Dan Kimmelm Steve Fahnestalk, Jack Clemons and the conclusion of Allen Steele’s Captain Future in Love.

Next – we have a store.  (Yes, I’ll say it) An Amazing Store.

In that Amazing Store you will find magazines, books, comics, posters, accessories, t-shirts and drinking implements, otherwise known as coffee mugs*.

Books: We’ve got seven years worth of annual Best of anthologies – 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1940 and 1943 (the latter two out of sequence to support the Retro Hugo Awards) and that series continues with Amazing Stories The Best of 1931 coming soon.

We’ve got two classic novels that originally appeared in earlier editions of the magazine – Seeds of Life by John Taine, first published in the Fall 1931 issue of Amazing Stories Quarterly –


and The Nth Man by Homer Eon Flint, first published in the Spring 1928 issue of Amazing Stories Quarterly –

and we have several reprint editions of earlier editions of the magazine –

Amazing Stories Annual from 1927, Amazing Stories May and September 1944 and the Giant 35th Anniversary Edition from April of 1961 –

complete and faithful reproductions of the original issues – stories, illustrations, ads, letters and all!

Most are currently available in both print and electronic editions.

See that Spring 1928 cover up there?  We’re going to have posters for that cover soon.  It will be joining all of the other posters that are currently in the store.  Created from high resolution scans and lovingly re-touched and color-corrected by art restorers who ought to be working in the Louvre (bet you didn’t know the Mona Lisa originally had antennae and Spock ears, did you?), we’re offering them in a variety of sizes, both framed and unframed.  New posters are being added daily, so check back if you don’t see your favorite cover.

Personally, insofar as interior design goes, I think it’s really tough to beat giant laser tanks, giant alien lobsterpeople, aliens fighting dinosaurs, moon hoppers, runaway glaciers, Martian war machines and Buck Rogers (who isn’t really Buck Rogers, but then, I think we can forgive the mistake, considering that particular issue featured not only Anthony ‘Buck’ Rogers, but also The Skylark of Space).

Of course, we’ve also got subscriptions to the magazine on offer, both print and electronic, to the new version of the magazine as well.  Subscribe now (and before November 15th of 2018) and you’ll start your subscription off with our very first issue, featuring the first installment of Allen Steele’s Captain Future in Love

and, naturally, we’ve got other stuff, like our David Gerrold penned comicbook mashup of Star Trek and Dr. Who, A Doctor for the Enterprise, t-shirts and hats featuring our awesome logo, tote bags for carrying around all of your Amazing Stories books and magazines and that coffee mug.

While tea has been making a big splash among fans of late (and there’s no reason you can’t call that mug a “tea mug”), coffee has been a mainstay of the writing profession since the day Hammurabi’s scribe first took stencil to clay tablet (or would have if the drink had existed back then).  It is for this reason that we offer a mug, because we want that first cup you have every morning to be – Amazing.

Yet Even More Amazing Stuff –

Our first issue, in electronic format, is being offered on Kindle Unlimited.  We can’t think of a better way for fans to take a first look at what we’re putting together.  Sign up for a Free Trial of Kindle Unlimited (continue for $9.99 a month if you want to) and read our entire first issue for FREE:
AND, in addition to offering the electronic edition on Amazon, we’re also offering a special Premium Collector’s edition in large paperback format.  11 x 8.5, squared spine, high quality paper and high quality printing for those who want a more permanent edition in their collection.

Novels, anthologies, reproduction issues, comicbooks, magazines, posters, mugs, tote bags – they’re all Amazing!

(Clicking on the images will take you to either our store or to Amazon offerings.)


Considering that X-Mas decorations are already crowding out Halloween candy on store shelves nationwide, we probably shouldn’t have to remind you all that the gift-giving holidays are fast approaching and that regardless of how you celebrate the winter solstice, a subscription to Amazing Stories would make an awesome and welcome gift for the fans in your life.

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