Today’s Fiction In Amazing Stories: The Pixie by Steven M. Long and The Jester by Michael J. Sullivan

Two very different tales today: The Jester by Michael J. Sullivan, a Riyria Chronicles tale and The Pixie, by Steven M. Long

Today we offer up two short stories and, while their titles might suggest some connection, that is mere happenstance.

preview pixieSteven M. Long’s The Pixie is a tale of psychological doubt and horror;  the pixies in question are anything but pixieish.

One may find a passing resonance with certain famous movie scenes, but here we concentrate on the inner dialogue of self-doubt in a PKD-ish way, the kind of doubt that reminds us that we need external confirmation of our own existence.






preview jesterIn the Jester, Michael J. Sullivan reveals many of the reasons he has become such a successful cross-over author in this Riyria Chronicles tale. Strong characters, a playful approach and a thorough engagement with classic myth:  What do you do when you find Pandora’s box?

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